Base Camp Overland Adventure Trailers

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Base Camp Overland Adventure Trailer

Welcome to your new go-to place for Overland Adventure Trailers. This type of trailer was designed to go where pavement does not exist. Offroad wheeling is fun and so is camping, but your typical offroad vehicle "like a JEEP" has limited storage space for camping equipment. Regular trailers and campers would get hung up, beat up, and fall apart if taken off road. Thus the overland trailer concept was born. Most others were just a 4 ft X 4 ft lockable box with all terrain tires.



Our Mission.

Make it affordable, with all options included, lightweight so a small vehicle can pull it, and can haul toys for people without an extreme trail busting four wheel drive toy.












































Our expiditonary trailers are so light that they can and have been towed by small cars like a Jeep Liberty, a Chevy Malibu, etc.


We have all of the lockable storage the others have plus, a rooftop tent, a bathroom, an awning, a kitchen, and solar shower, capable of hauling water toys and land toys, and we include toys.












It all starts with the trailer.  A  5 ft X 8 ft trailer with drive up ramp gate.

It has three 49 inch aluminum boxes that lock. 

The floor is steel mesh and bolstered with a 4'x8' 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood and aluminum diamond plate covering. 

The racks that mount tent and kayaks are rated at 800 lbs. We gave the steel a generous coating of truck bed liner and undercoated the the bottom of trailer for longer lasting trailing life.

It has a swing up wheeled trailer jack and a rear RV Stabilizer . 


The No Extra Cost add ons

Rooftop tent made made by Smitty Built sleeps 2 to 3 people and includes a

weather/travel cover.


Water toys

You can trek the water ways in 2 included kayaks. 


Land Toys

Our 2 included bikes are equipped with saddlebags. The bike's have 79 cc four stroke engines! They will explore places that big 4x4 vehicles can't get to.


An 8 ft x 8 ft awning to give your base camp some shade.


A pop up tent to use as a changing room, shower room or restroom.


A camping bucket toilet system. (use in restroom/shower tent).


A 7.34 gallon solar heated pressurized shower.


Camp Kitchen

Propane stove with a 22 piece cooking and dining set.


Now that's a Base Camp with ADVENTURE !! 

None of the competition can haul toys. We don't just haul toys, we INCLUDE THE TOYS!

No campground needed with this all inclusive package.  $9999

And if you already own your toys and just want the toy hauler with Kitchen, Bathroom, solar shower, awning, and roof top tent for only $6999!


Our Base Camp Overland Trailers


gallery/resized trailer packed up rosser lake