Base Camp Overland Adventure Trailers



You will find the lightest weight (only 1220 pounds loaded with all this gear) most all inclusive toy hauler/adventure trailer/overland trailer/tent camper package right here at Base Camp Overland.

We use these expedition trailers to explore all over. Our wants and needs drove the ideas for what all other companies missed.



They can offer a price, but then the add on options run the price tag up so high and they still don't include toys, let alone water and dry land toys like we include.

Our family wanted the adventure seeker without an endless bank account to be able to Overland even if they didn't have an extreme offroad vehicle. With our off road trailer, you can boondock camp and only need a regular car to tow it. Boondocking is a fun way to camp free. That's why we made our adventure trailers an actual Base Camp. Cook, wash up, go potty, sleep, load and unload toys.


This is an everything included package only $12,000. Your adventure is awaiting.

But if you already have your own toys( 4 wheeler, dirt bikers, kayaks,etc) then we can sell you this adventure toy hauler without toys and still include complete kitchen, bathroom, solar shower, awning, and roof top tent so you can adventure and haul your own toys for only $6999!


















We have lots of new ideas to keep making upgraded improvements and offer different packages for different wants and needs. 






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